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Anti-life has more than one meaning. As such, this article is merely a disambiguation page, listing articles associated with Anti-life.

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Anti-life can refer to several phenomena:

Anti-life, a term that developed in the late 1920s, refers to the ideology that opposes the promotion and nurturing of life in one or more ways.

Examples include:

  • anxiety, regret, depression and other emotions that distract from the positive side of life
  • opposition to the availability of innovative health care, such as adult stem cell procedures
  • obsession with population control, a characteristic of some of the super wealthy
  • a preference for money or other material things over human life
  • opposition to energy production even where it would extend lifespan in underdeveloped nations

The pro-abortion movement is a subset of a broader anti-life ideology. Few, of course, admit to being anti-life.

Anti-life ideologies include:

  • Nazism, Communism and Islam, all of which have historically shown no regard for human life
  • Nihilism, a philosophy that holds the belief that life is meaningless
  • The homosexual agenda, which promotes lifestyles that shorten lifespan and discourage procreation
  • The feminist belief system, which is anti-childbearing and anti-childrearing