Antoninus Pius

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Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius Arrius Antoninus Pius (September 19, 86 – March 7, 161) was the fourth of the Five Good Emperors. He was preceded by Hadrian and was succeeded by Marcus Aurelius. He served as emperor from A.D. 138 to A.D. 161. He was born in Lanuvium, an old Latin city southeast of Rome. During his reign as emperor he finished some public works that Hadrian had started and oversaw the completion of some additional public works. Hand picked by Hadrian to succeed him, he also adopted his successor Marcus Aurelius before assuming the role of Emperor. He had Hadrian diefied as he did with his wife who preceded him in death. The longest living Emperor in over 100 years, surprisingly little is known about him as no biographies have come down to us from antiquity. A tolerant man, Christians were allowed a great deal of worshipping freedom during his reign. When he died, he made sure he left a treasury with a large surplus of funds.