Artaxerxes I Longimanus

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The Achaemid Family Tree showing the merging or the royal houses of the Medes and the Persians to create the Medo-Persian Empire.

Artaxerxes I, otherwise known as Longimanus (Long-Handed) was son of Xerxes the Great, reigned as King of the Medo-Persian empire from 465 to 424BC. He was succeeded by his son Artaxerxes II.


The title of Longimanus literally meaning "long handed" probably does not mean that one arm was longer than normal. But rather ironically (considering his parentage) that one arm as actually shorter. The truth probably is similar to the gammy arm recently manifest in Kaiser Wilhelm II, who also received his shorter arm from inbreeding of the royal house.


Artaxerxes was born the son of Xerxes I The Great and his first cousin Amestris, both of whose grandfathers was Hystaspas, close companion to Cyrus The Great.

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