Arthur Honegger

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Arthur Honegger (1892-1955), was a Swiss composer who was born in France and lived there for nearly all of his life. He was a member of "Le Six", but seemed at odds with various members of that modish little fraternity, holding much store in the musical examples set by the great Baroque and classical masters.

His own music tended towards traditional principles propelled by modern forces – vigorous tempos and wide-ranging harmonies are combined with a certain conservatism that set him apart from the others of his group.

His most well-known works are “Pacific 231” (one of three “Symphonic movements”), a couple of oratorios, the best known of which is “Le roi David”, (he called it a “dramatic psalm”) and some film scores. He also wrote operas and other stage works on religious subjects, numerous ballets, a number of major orchestral works (including 5 symphonies, and orchestral vocal pieces) and a Christmas cantata. He was also in demand for incidental music for stage and radio.

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