Asif Mohiuddin

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Asif Mohiuddin
Asif EHYD 2.jpg
Date of birth February 24, 1984
Birthplace Dhaka

Asif Mohiuddin is one of the many bloggers violently attacked by militant Islamists in Bangladesh. In 2013 he was stabbed multiple times by Ansarullah Bangla Team activists sympathetic to Al-Qaeda; the attack nearly killed him.[1] He later spoke to his attackers in prison; they told him he deserved to die for leaving Islam. Mohiuddin had been an atheist since he was thirteen and started blogging against the Islamization of Bangladesh since he was sixteen, having always been very critical of the death penalty of apostasy in Islam.[2] He was arrested by Bangladeshi police April 3, 2013 for blasphemy on his blog[3] and spent three months in jail.[4]