Atheism and obsession with God

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The Christian blog Words of a Fether declared:

An obsession is when something or someone dominates a person’s mind. So what else can it be called when so many atheists spend large amounts of time and effort in Christian venues such as message boards and blogs, arguing and mocking incessantly? Who else spends more time on what they don’t believe than what they do believe? If all unprovable beliefs are the same, why don’t atheists put forth the same effort to combat belief in the tooth fairy or pink unicorns on Mars? Are Christians really any less consistent than atheists?[1]

Cabu Gah writes about Harrison Mumia, the founder Of atheism In Kenya:

Dangerously obsessed with godlessness,Harrison ties every event or happening to his wayward beliefs and seems to always rope in a different aspect of atheism into every occasion - be it be a European soccer match,the retirement of the Chief Justice,the trial of the Pangani Six,the defection of Ababu Namwamba or a visit from a high ranking foreign dignitary.[2]


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"Nobody talks so constantly about God as those who insist there is no God." - Heywood Broun[3]

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