Atheism and public schools

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As converting America to atheism is one of the main goals of the atheist agenda, it is only natural that liberals would accomplish this by using the public school system to indoctrinate of atheistic beliefs onto the youth of America. The principle this works on is based off an abuse of the establishment clause of the United States Constitution, which states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". This is used to claim that public schools cannot provide a religious education to their students.[1]

Process of indoctrination

They use this guise of secular education to stealthily impose atheism on children. They claim that this is "neutral", but by not teaching students about God, they are indirectly teaching students that God is completely irrelevant. By giving children a secular education on religion (which forces a false equivalency on them all), they are taught as if their beliefs are completely inconsequential to their ethics and morals. Finally, by banning school-sponsored prayer and Bible reading,[2] schools teach students that religion is a bad thing.

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