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According to Pew Forum, by 2030 Muslims are projected to make up 8% of Europe’s population.[1]

There have been few atheism vs. Islam debates.

Although Islam is a major religion with many adherents, in Islamic societies tolerance for atheists is rare (see also: Atheism vs. Islam).[2]

In the Western World, there have been a few notable public debates between atheists and Muslims, but there have not been many. The atheist Lawrence Krauss debated Muslim Hamza Tzortzis about the existence of God.[3] Also, the atheists Christopher Hitchens debated Muslim Tariq Ramadan and the debate topic was "Is Islam a religion of peace?".[4] As noted above, there have been incidences of Muslim extremists attacking critics of Islam in the Western World so many atheists may be reluctant to engage in high profile atheism vs. Islam debates.

When Muslim apologists debate atheists about the existence of God, they usually employ the Kalam cosmological argument which is an argument for the existence of God developed in the Islamic world.

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