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Australian Tourism encompasses a wide range of destinations and activities that can be seen across the unique continent of Australia. From the moment that you step off your plane you will be enthralled by the deep history of settlement and multicultural heritage while surrounded by the great land's rich natural beauty. Whether you choose to trek across the Nullarbor Desert, climb Uluru, visit the Great Barrier Reef or enjoy the nightlife in Sydney and Melbourne you are sure to have an experience you will never forget.

Desert Treks

Australia has the privilege of being the second driest continent in the world, resulting in large areas of desertification awaiting the eager adventurer. Let your eyes gaze across the 360,000 km2 Great Victorian Desert, visit the indigenous Australians living on the Great Sandy Desert, explore the beginnings of rural industry on the Simpson Desert and by no means forget to visit the virtually untouched and seemingly inhospitable Gibson Desert. Many operators provide 4WD tours with a camping experience, allowing visitors to relive the days of Aborigines and the early settlers, and view native flora and fauna both at day and at night.

These destinations are readily accessible by plane or car, but if you have time be sure to take a trip on The Ghan, trains which have made history over their 70-year operation and embody the true essence of rural Australia. The desert landscape of Australia is unlike any other, and is simply unmissable to any wildlife enthusiast.