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Avant Browser Ultimate 2016 build 2

Avant Browser is free web browser software which was inspired by Opera and created by Anderson Che.


  • Multi-Processing - each tab is run independent of the others, so if one page freezes (hangs), it will not usually impact the others currently open[1]
  • Multi-threaded downloading - Multiple segments of incoming files are downloaded simultaneously to expedite the process and make better use of server resources[1]
  • Claims to be the lowest memory usage Windows browser[1]
  • Multiple document interface - Shows multiple "windows" within itself. Think of this as a "desktop" within which other items may be opened[1]
  • Multiple rendering engines (Ultimate) - Select which browser engine to use at any time. Chromium Engine not working? Try Firefox. Still not working? Try Internet Explorer.

Reported Issues

Avant usually receives good reviews from fairly reputable sources.[2][3][4][4] However, at least one reviewer reported "some compatibility issues with modern applications."[5] A specific error some encounter occurs when users try to access restricted content. For example, trying to "stream" videos from Netflix will not succeed because this browser is not recognized by the software this services uses (Silverlight).

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