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The balance of trade is that part of a nation's balance of payments dealing with imports and exports—that is, trade in goods and services—over a given period. If exports of goods exceed imports, the trade balance is said to be "favorable"; if imports exceed exports, the trade balance is said to be "unfavorable."

A trade deficit is an amount by which a country's merchandise exports exceed its merchandise imports. It does not include "hidden exports" such as financial deals.[1][2] A trade surplus is an amount by which a country's merchandise exports exceed its imports.

USA trade deficit

U.S. trade deficit with China. The difference between the red line and blue line represents an outflow of American wealth - capital that could be used to create American jobs rather than jobs in China and prosperity for the Chinese Communist Party.

After a period of 70 years of being a creditor nation, the USA has became a debtor nation in 1985.[3] Some reputable economists of the 2010s disagree on whether the USA trade deficit is a debt that ever has to be paid off.[4][5][6][7]

Looming territorial concessions

If the USA continues on as it is, then in some distant decade, the USA will no longer be able to pay the interest on the money it owes to China. That is called "unserviceable debt". The debt then grows exponentially and the situation becomes ever more hopeless. China will then simply offer a treaty with easy-to-understand terms. The treaty will say: "We will completely forgive the debt if the USA simply cedes the State of Washington" or some such. Homeowners in that State will be given ample time to abandon their property and leave and the treaty will take effect. Any Americans remaining will simply lose their birthright; their USA citizenship and become Chinese citizens under Chinese law in that new province of China. Even a very dumb person can use their God-given foresight and see that this analysis of the situation is correct. Fellow citizens: Buy American![8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]