Baldur Von Shirach

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Von Shirach: Leader of the Hitler Youth

Baldur Benedikt von Schirach (9 May 1907 – 8 August 1974) was a Nazi war criminal and the leader of the Hitler Youth Organization. Baldur von Schirach is one of the only known top figures in the Nazi party to have a parent born in the United States. He was born in Germany but his mother was from Pennsylvania.

A quote about Shirach is actually very relevant to many modern-day college professors.

"Baldur von Schirach was guilty of far more than war crimes. His was the deadly evil of corrupting the young. He poisoned the minds of an entire German generation."[1]

However, Von Shirach ended up repenting while at Nuremberg. He was communed by Lutheran Pastor Henry F. Gerecke. He said that he wished he followed the teachings of Jesus Christ instead of Adolf Hitler.[2]

He called Hitler "The greatest (as in most famous) mass murderer of the century."