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Balint Vazsonyi (1926-2003) is a virtuoso pianist and the author of America's Thirty Years War.[1]


He was born on March 7, 1936, in Budapest, Hungary, and studied early at the Franz Lizst Center.[2] He lived under two kinds of socialist dictatorships, first the Nazis and then the Soviets, until escaping to America in 1956.[3]

Steven Fantina wrote:

Among his most frightening observations concerns the phrase "politically correct." Many will be shocked to learn that the term was originated by one of Stalin's sycophants decades ago, and the Nazis were fond of the saying "socially correct." He perspicuously demonstrates how the entire group rights fad bears an eerie overlap to both Nazism's and communism's enforced class struggles which lead to their divide and conquer reigns of terror.[4]


  • Vazsonyi writes that the present situation
must count among the most amazing spectacles of history to be inundated with the rhetoric, theory, and practice of communism, and see not one communist around. We read and hear daily about class warfare, universal health care, speech codes, sensitivity training...the list goes on and on.[5] The agenda is with us, the Party is not.


  3. "... arrived in the United States in 1959, fleeing his native Hungary after the failed revolt against Soviet occupation" review

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