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The Barbarians were groups of tribes who migrated into the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD thereby destroying it, and bringing about the Dark Ages of European history.

Although made up of many tribes, there were shared characteristics among them. Barbarians often travelled in ships painted in their characteristic red coloring. This symbolised their hostile intent to potential victims They tended to travel in Sail ships, which would hold up to three military units at a time. Barbarians favoured Legions, which were strong in attack and weak in defence; and Cavalry regiments, which were slightly weaker but possessed greater movement abilities. A Barbarian raiding party would usually be led by a Barbarian Leader. These Leaders often disguised themselves as Diplomats, to avoid capture. If captured, Barbarians were known to pay for ransom in Gold.

Upon disembarking, Barbarian raiding parties would proceed to pillage the areas they found themselves in. They tended to destroy irrigations and mines around cities, but left roads alone as they could make tactical use for them.

Barbarians could not be contacted diplomatically, and are not considered a civilization in their own right.