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Bart D. Ehrman (born 5 October 1955) an agnostic (former Evangelical) Bible scholar and writer who writes about Christianity.

Resurrection debate

On March 28, 2006, Bart Erhman debated Christian apologist William Lane Craig at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. The topic was, Is there Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus? Dr. Ehrman's main problem was that he would not accept the possibility of God intervening in the physical world to Resurrect Jesus.

Existence of the Historical Jesus

Even though he is not a Christian, Dr. Ehrman has been active in fighting against people who think Jesus never even existed as a Historical Figure. In one radio interview with The Infidel Guy, Dr. Ehrman gave overwhelming evidence for the existence of Jesus, very much to the disappointment and irritation of the atheist talk host. In 2012, Ehrman published his book, Did Jesus Exist? in which he vigorously fights people who think that Jesus never existed and that nearly all serious and professional Scholars and Historians accept the Existence of the Historical Jesus.

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