Battle of Cotton Plant

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Battle of Cotton Plant
Hill's Plantation
Cache River, Round Hill

July 7, 1862


Same day


Woodruff County, Arkansas


Trans-Mississippi Theater


Operations near Cache River


Union victory

33 star flag.png
Conf Navy Jack.png

1st and 2nd Brigades,
1st Division,
Army of the Southwest


Charles Hovey
Colonel, USA
William P. Benton
Brigadier General, USA

Thomas C. Hindman
Major General, CSA
William Parsons
Colonel, CSA





Union Maj. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis moved on Helena, Arkansas, in search of supplies to replace those that had been promised but never delivered by the Navy. The Confederates under Maj. Gen. Thomas C. Hindman attempted to prevent this change of supply base by continually skirmishing with the Union troops. The Confederates made a stand at the Cache River on July 7. As Union Col. C.L. Harris moved forward with elements of the 11th Wisconsin, 33rd Illinois, and the 1st Indiana Cavalry, moved forward, he blundered into an ambuscade. The fighting became more general, and the Confederates, with a frontal attack, forced the Union to retreat about a quarter of a mile. The next Confederate attack, however, was stopped. With reinforcements, the Federals pursued the retreating Confederates and turned the retreat into a rout as the day progressed. Curtis was able change his supply base, but Hindman, despite suffering defeat at Hill’s Plantation, remained between Curtis and Little Rock, his objective. (NPS summary)