Battle of Ephesus

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The Battle of Ephesus in 406 B.C. was part of the Second Peloponnesian War between the Greek city states of Athens and Sparta and their allies. Fought near the end of the war (although at the time it was not realized the war would end soon), the Athenian military commander Alcibiades tried to entice the Spartan commander Lysander into a sea battle. Lysander refused to meet the challenge but when Alcibiades sailed off with part of his fleet to collect supplies, Lysander attacked and defeated the blockading squadron. Alcibiades sailed back but Lysander again refused to fight.

The defeat of the Athenian blockading vessels caused the enemies of Alcibiades in Athens to stir the people against him. He was relieved of command. Conon was put in his place.


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