Battle of Tsushima

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Battle of Tsushima
Part of Russo-Japanese War
Date May 27-May 28, 1905
Location Tsushima
Russian Empire Japan
Zinovy Rozhestvensky
Nikolai Nebogatov
Oskar Enkvist
Tōgō Heihachirō
Kamimura Hikonojō
5.045 killed 116 killed

The Battle of Tsushima was a naval engagement in 1905 between Russian and Japanese ships in the Tsushima straight between Japan and Korea. As the Russian ships under Admiral Rozhdestvensnki were sailing to Vladivostok harbor from the Baltic, they were intercepted by a Japanese battle fleet under Admiral Togo.

The result of the battle was an overwhelming victory for the Japanese, as they sank almost the entire Russian squadron for only three ships damaged. Following their defeat, the Russians were forced to seek peace. This major defeat of a Western power highlighted the weakness of Russia under the Czar's rule, and also the rising power of the Empire of Japan.

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