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Benjamin J. Noonan[1] is a linguist, ancient near eastern historian and expert in biblical studies, as well as an Assistant Professor of the Columbia International University.


In 2004, Benjamin Noonan received a B.S. in Physics from Wheaton College with a magna cum laude. In 2005, he received an M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Wheaton College. In 2010, he received an M.Phil. in Hebraic and Cognate Studies from the Hebrew Union College, and in 2012, he received a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies from the Hebrew Union College.


Benjamin Noonan has been an Adjunct Instructor at Malone University (2011), Hebrew Union College (2009-2012), and Xavier University (2012-2013). Between 2013-2014, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Xavier University, and he became Visiting Lecturer at the Evangelical Theological College in 2014 and 2016. From 2014 until the present, he currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Old Testament & Hebrew at Columbia International University.

Noonan has received awards and honors from the Wheaton College, Hebrew Union College, and Columbia International University. He is a professional member of the Evangelical Theological Society, Institute for Biblical Research, National Association of Professors of Hebrew and the Society of Biblical Literature. Noonan has also authored the book Foreign Words in the Hebrew Bible: Linguistic Evidence for Foreign Contact in Ancient Israel. In 2016, Benjamin Noonan received some attention for his study of the Egyptian loanwords of the Book of Exodus and its implications for exodus research.[2]