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1. Why do you think the serpent tried to tempt Eve, as opposed to Adam?

I don't think there's any subtle point here: the serpent went after Eve because she was a woman (though liberals will deny this!). It is amply plain elsewhere in the Bible that women are the more vulnerable sex. As this weakness is not among the specific punishments prescribed for original sin, it must have been present from the moment of creation.

2. Why do you think God sometimes refers to Himself in the plural (e.g. "us") in Genesis? (Hint: Could the Old Testament be foreshadowing something here?)

This refers to the Father, the Son, and the Divine Guide

3. List one absurd and unverifiable claim that evolutionists make about the creation of the world.

Evolutionists claim that a mix of inorganic compounds like water, methane, ammonia and hydrogen could spontaneously form amino acids when subjected to heating and electric discharges. This contradicts the second law of thermodynamics.

4. The rivers mentioned in the story of Adam & Eve suggest that the Garden of Eden was in what region of the world?

A cursory reading of course suggests that it was located in Iraq. However, though I am not a Mormon, I find their scholarship on this subject to be fascinating and somewhat compelling: it suggests that the Garden of Eden was actually located somewhere in Western Missouri, and that the rivers which formed in the Middle East after the flood were named after older rivers in what is now the USA.

5. Early humans lived very long (for example, Adam lived 930 years). What passage in Genesis limits the current human lifespan to 120 years?

Genesis 6:3 guarantees that no person will ever live longer than 120 years.


Conservapedia contains many great satirical pieces about the fallacies of evolution (and humor is indeed a Christian concept - the Gospels contain many early example of humor). Can you create your own satirical article to add to this list? Alternatively, you can contribute an article to Conservapedia's Richard Dawkins project.

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