Billy Jack

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Billy Jack
Directed by Tom Laughlin
Produced by Tom Laughlin
Written by Tom Laughlin
Delores Taylor
Starring Tom Laughlin
Delores Taylor
Music by Mundell Lowe
Dennis Lambert
Brian Potter
Cinematography Fred Koenekamp
John M. Stephens
Release date(s) 1971
Running time 114 min.
Country USA
Language English

Billy Jack is a 1971 movie.


Students at a racially-mixed school on an Indian reservation clash with residents of the nearby, mostly bigoted white town. Their pacifism is put to the test when the deputy sheriff's runaway daughter seeks refuge there. The school's protector is Billy Jack, a halfbreed army veteran with a highly developed intuitive sense and unbeatable martial arts skills.

All the stock characters are here: the corrupt deputy sheriff; the wealthy, violent rustler and his son who hates him but takes after him; the idealistic teacher; and the honest sheriff.

The movie presents pacifism and Native American spirituality in a good light, along with some good old fashioned horse sense. The plot involves a deputy sheriff's runaway daughter; ; and a heaping dose of improvisational theater.