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The term bleeding-heart liberal denotes a liberal who is particularly distraught by what he or she views as tragedy that conservatives do not. The term phrase bleeding-heart has long been a reference to the wounded sacred heart of Jesus, and refers to anyone whose heart had been wounded metaphorically by immorality.[1] Bleeding-heart liberal was a term first applied by newspaper columnist Westbrook Pegler in 1938, to refer to liberals who were trying to pass a bill that would provide penalties for lynching.[2] Since then, the term has began to apply especially to people who feel sympathy for dictators, war criminals, and terrorists who suffer criminal penalties, or to those who feel sorry for the environment.

Common sources of sympathy

  • Punishments for war criminals
  • Environmental issues and endangered species
  • Animal testing
  • People who fell victims of the Catholic Church centuries ago in the Crusades
  • Muslims being "profiled" in airports
  • Murderers and sex offenders who spend time in jail

Results of above sympathy

  • War crimes
  • Stifled industrial progress
  • Human testing
  • Discouragement of religion
  • Weakened airport security
  • Lavish, inviting prisons

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