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Bob the Builder is a British children's show started by Keith Chapman. Originally made in stop-motion, the show focuses on the construction projects of Bob, a prime contractor, his assistant Wendy, and his team of anthropomorphised machines. The show's theme song, called Can we fix it?, received a high Christmas rating in Great Britain. The name was later used by Barack Obama. In 2010, a third series series, titled Ready, Steady, Build!, was made with CGI animation instead of stop-motion. In 2014, Bob the Builder was revamped by Mattel, causing negative responses from fans. The new series has entirely abandoned claymation for computer generation.


  • Bob - (voiced by Neil Morrisey) is the titular protagonist of the show. He is a prime contractor.
  • Wendy- (voiced by Kate Harbour) Bob's assistant.
  • Scoop - (voiced by Rob Rackstraw) is a yellow backhoe. He acts as the leader of Bob's construction vehicles. In the Swedish and Polish versions of the show, he is a female character.
  • Muck - (voiced by Rob Rackstraw) is a red dump truck. He likes to get dirty and is scared of the dark. He is female in the American version of the show.
  • Lofty - (voiced by Neil Morrisey) is a blue crane. He is the only character not to have a grill for a mouth. He is timid and says "er" before he speaks.
  • Roley - (voiced by Rob Rackstraw) a green steam roller. He is female in the Swedish version of the show.
  • Dizzy - (voiced by Kate Harbour) an orange cement mixer and the only female character in the British version. She is also the youngest machine.
  • Pilchard - (voiced by Kate Harbour) Bob's turquoise cat.
  • Farmer Pickles (voiced by Neil Morrisey) - a farmer and a friend of Bob's.
  • Spud - (voiced by Rob Rackstraw) is a scarecrow. He tries to help out but often gets himself into trouble.
  • Travis - (voiced by Rob Rackstraw) is a cyan tractor.


The show has been criticized for technical errors. In response, Bob was later depicted in safety ware.