Born in the USA

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Born in the USA is an album by rock musician Bruce Springsteen. The title track, "Born in the USA", is a Vietnam War protest song (which contains an ethnic slur) often misconstrued as being a patriotic song due to its chorus and upbeat nature: in response, Springsteen performed an acoustic version of the song to get his message across. It was released in 1984 and was one of the best-selling albums.

The song was originally recorded as an acoustic piece originally to be included on Springsteen's Nebraska album, but the song was revamped into the upbeat E Street Band version. After the song's meaning was misconstrued, Springsteen started performing an acoustic version of the song in concerts in order to get the message across.

Similarly, the single "We Take Care of Our Own" is a song criticizing Americans while having an upbeat nature and seemingly inspiring chorus.