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Brian Patrick Stelter, commonly known as Potato Head on social media, was the chief media correspondent for CNN during the DNC/FBI Russiagate hoax. A conversation with Brian Stelter has been described as similar to having a conversation with a baked potato.[1] Stelter was host of CNN's weekend fake news[2] show Reliable Sources.[3] Stelter, who garnered an audience of slightly over 2 million viewers throughout the various Trump-Russia conspiracy hoaxes, lost half his audience or 1 million viewers in the immediate months after the progressive junta seizure of power.[4] With Stelter's help, a survey conducted by the Hollywood Reporter found CNN the least credible of all mainstream media broadcast organizations.[5]

The ratings of Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” were dismal in the aftermath of the Trump era, with the weekend host largely focused on criticizing conservative media and the former president instead of scrutinizing the current administration.[6] Stelter was cancelled and canned by CNN in late 2022. Stelter went on to lead a panel on "disinformation" for the World Economic Forum in January 2023.[7]