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British Army
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Command Structure
Regiments of the British Army
Territiorial Army
British Special Forces


History of the British Army
New Model Army
Northern Ireland
Falklands War


Armored Fighting Vehicles
Uniforms and Insignia

The British Army is the land branch of the British Armed Forces, and has been a standing army since 1660, made up of cavalry and infantry regiments and corps of specialized troops such as artillery, engineers and medical personnel. It consists of the Regular Army (full-time serving personnel) and the Territorial Army (reservists). Members of the British Army were involved in "Shoot to Kill" operations in Ulster, disposing of known terrorists.

Deployment of The Regular Army (April 1, 2006)[1]
Land Command Officers Soldiers
Field Army 4,400 44,900
Joint Helicopter Command 1,400 10,800
Commander Regional Forces 1,400 11,100
Land Support 300 100
Totals 7,500 66,900

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