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C# is the name of a computer programming language first introduced by Microsoft as part of the .NET (pronounced 'dot net') initiative and standardized through ECMA as ECMA-334.[1] The standard is cross-listed with ISO as ISO/IEC 23270:2006. The Microsoft implementation of the standard is known as "Visual C# .Net".[2]

C#, pronounced "C sharp", is categorized as a 'C-Style' langue in that it uses the fundamental syntax structures of braces ('{' and '}') and semicolons. It is unlike C in that it is object-oriented. It is unlike C++ in that it is garbage collected and that it is not compiled to machine code, but to Common Intermediate Language (CIL) which is then translated to machine by software installed on the target machine. In both these aspects it is more like Java than either C or C++.

Version 3 of the language introduced LINQ (Language Integrated Query) syntax, allowing SQL style queries to be issued on various data sources directly from a program.