Cairo Opera House

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Cairo Opera House is the most elite arts venue in Cairo, and is the jewel in the crown of the National Cultural Centre. It was opened in 1988 in southern Gezira Island to replace the old Opera House, opened in the 19th century and destroyed by fire in 1971. The building is highly distinctive, being built in Neo-Islamic style. The opening performance was a traditional Japanese Kabuki show, attended by Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, brother of the Emperor of Japan, along with President Hosni Mubarak. It was the first time such a show had been staged in the region, and was chosen for the guest of honour, as Japan had funded much of the work on the new building. It is the home of the world renowned Cairo Symphony Orchestra.

The opera house contains three auditorium, the large hall (accommodating up to 1,500 guests), the small hall, and an open-air auditorium, which is particularly popular for performances on summer evenings.

The opera house lies in large landscaped gardens, and is located near to the Opera metro station, which takes it name from the building. Also located nearby is the Cairo Tower, and Gezira Sporting Club.