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Calamity Jane (born Martha Jane Cannary-Burke 1852-1903) was an American frontierswoman in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She earned the name "Calamity Jane" in a battle near Sheriden, Wyoming where she rescued her commander. Scholars dispute whether or not Jane married Wild Bill Hickok, but the state of Wyoming recognized Jean Hickok Burkhardt McCormick as their legal offspring.

Indian Fighter

Calamity Jane is known for boasting of her exploits as a pony express rider and Indian fighter. She claimed to have fought alongside Custer in Arizona, but this is probably inaccurate as Custer was not involved in Indian Campaigns in Arizona. Most likely, Jane was involved in campaigns on the American Plains. It is documented that she participated in the "Muscle Shell Indian Outbreak" in 1872. Later in life she participated in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.