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Calvin Klein

Fashion designer Calvin Klein has been criticized for several years for several scandalous underwear advertisements, in print, video and billboard form. IN 1984, he rented a large billboard in Times Square, New York on which he placed a 100 foot tall photo of a male model wearing only underwear.[1] In 1995, he drew the ire of many groups, including the American Family Association, when a video and print advertisement campaign featured pubescent models in settings that intentionally evoked pornography. "Consumer and child welfare advocates [slammed the ad campaign], finding the ads disturbing and exploitative."[2] In 1999, a series of photos of children in his underwear drew a large backlash from consumers and groups, who felt these photos were blatant child pornography. The ad was quickly pulled.[2][3] Even though he has been married twice, his sexuality is debated, with many reports of wild excesses at night clubs in the 70s and 80s. He has continued offending with his fashion, so long as it sells clothes.[4]

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