Cannabis and corruption

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Cannabis and corruption: in an investigative report in the Los Angeles Times published on September 15, 2022, entitled "Legal Pot Spawned a Wave of Corruption," the reporters explained:

California's decision to legalize recreational cannabis in 2016 ushered in a multibillion dollar commercial pot market that officials in many small, struggling communities hoped would bring new jobs and an infusion of tax revenue to spend on police, parks and roads. But for some cities, the riches never materialized.

Instead, the advent of commercial cannabis unleashed a wave of corruption, prosecutions and accusations that has rocked local governments across the state and left them with few effective tools to combat the problem.


In Michigan, a former Speaker of its House was charged in April 2023 with having "received more than $110,000 in bribes in exchange for supporting companies seeking medical marijuana licenses."[1] This investigation began in 2017, and an investigator declared that rooting out such corruption is particularly difficult.[1]