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A card game is any game played with a pack of playing cards. Most card games such as solitaire and poker[1] use a standard pack of playing cards, while some such as UNO and Magic the Gathering use a game specific pack.

Standard Pack

A standard pack of playing cards consists of 52 cards as well as two jokers. The 52 cards are split into 4 groups (called suits), hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. Each suit has 13 cards, nine that are numbered sequentially from 2 and 10, three picture cards (jack, queen, and king), and ace, often the highest card.

Some card games are gambling games played with chips of monetary value or other scoring of monetary stakes. Examples include poker, Newmarket, and sheepshead. Card games may also not involve gambling of any sort, such as contract bridge, skat, and crazy eights.