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Caroline Vu is a Canadian novelist and short fiction writer from Montreal. She is of Vietnamese heritage.[1]

Early life and education

Vu was born in 1959 in Dalat, Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) and grew up in Saigon. In 1970, she immigrated with her mother and brother to the United States where her mother found work as a resident physician at a hospital in Connecticut. At the age of thirteen, the family relocated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.[2]


Vu's writings deal with issues of identity, memory and the refugee experience. Her first novel, Palawan Story, was published by the Deux Voiliers Publishing collective in 2014.[3] In 2016, Palawan Story won the Fred Kerner Book Award for the best book by a member of the Canadian Authors Association.[4] Palawan Story was also shortlisted for the 2014 Concordia University First Book Prize awarded by the Quebec Writers' Federation[5] and a finalist for the 2015 International Book Awards.[6] Palawan Story was translated and published in French by Les Éditions de la Pleine Lune in August 2017.[7]

Vu's second novel, That Summer in Provincetown, was published in 2015 in English by Guernica Editions, a Toronto-based press.,[8] Les Éditions de la Pleine Lune published the French translation, Un été à Provincetown.[9] The book is a work of creative non-fiction, largely based on three generations of a Vu's own family.

In 2017, Vu wrote her first work of short fiction, "Television Voices." The short story was shortlisted by the Bristol Short Story Prize, out of a field of 2000 submissions. The winner of the Bristol Prize will be announced in October 2017. Television Voices will be published in the 2017 Bristol Short Prize Anthology.[10]


  • Palawan Story (novel) 2014
  • That Summer in Provinceton (novel) 2015
  • Un été à Provincetown (translated novel) 2016 - French translation of That Summer in Provincetown
  • Palawan (translated novel) 2017 - French Translation of Palawan Story
  • Television Voices (short story) 2017