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CenturyLink Communications is the third largest telephone company in the United States. The company was formed in July 2009 with the merger of Embarq Corporation and CenturyTel Inc. The company became one of the three Regional Bell Operating companies when it acquired Qwest Communications in 2011. It is a provider of traditional landline telephone service, internet access, an IPTV service known as "Prism," satellite television contracted through DirecTV, and home security alarms with monitoring service. The company entered the cloud computing business in 2011 when it acquired Savvis Incorporated. The company is headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana.


CenturyLink was built on certain principles that we use to guide our business decisions. These principles are why we choose not to offer access to adult programming for new customers that CenturyLink bills. This choice means customers will not have access to monthly or on-demand programming channels that carry explicit adult programming. - CenturyLink.com

CenturyLink is an old school POTS telephone company headquartered in a deep-south red state, subject to intense government regulations (some of which competing VoIP companies are not subject to) and labor unions. According to OpenSecrets.org, the company favored Republicans over Democrats for contributions to individual candidates[1] while the company's contributions to political action committees was more of an even split, slightly favoring Democratic PACs.[2] The company's CEO, Glen Post III, has made major political donations to an interesting mix of congressmen, the most recent of which being a TEA Party Republican, but mostly to Blue Dog Democrats.[3] OpenSecrets.org appears to base its information off of contributions from employees rather than corporate money.


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