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Chalbury is a village in east Dorset. It had 142 residents in 2001 according to the Census. The village church of All Saints is over 800 years old. The outer walls are decorated with a number of vesicle pisces, a symbol of the pagan Celtic deity Valis. Inside the church has a three-decker pulpit (the result of the Reformation's emphasis on the preaching of the Word) and original 18th century box pews. The church is part of a team ministry with the churches of the nearby villages of Horton and Hinton Martell.

The village green retains an original pair of stocks. Once a year, at the village summer fete, a ceremonial victim is chosen from a list of national and international figures who have been unpopular with the public. A villager then wears a mask depicting the chosen victim and is pelted with wet sponges. The position of mask wearer is sponsored, with the money raised going to the local hospice.

The village is also known for Chalbury Nip, a traditional dish which contains red onion, swede and wild Gymnopilus purpuratus mushrooms. The dish was a firm favourite of the writer Charles Dodgson, otherwise known as Lewis Carroll.