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Charles "Charlie" Brown is the fictional main character of the Peanuts comic strip. A perennial outsider who never seems to do anything right despite his best efforts, in the end life still seems to work out. Some notable examples were Charlie Brown trying to kick the football, and his baseball team never winning a game.

Charlie Brown was most directly modeled after Charles Schulz himself, and how he often felt in life, although all of the characters touch upon him to some degree. Charlie Brown is actually one of the deepest thinkers and, despite being brooding at some times, never gives up on life.

Charlie Brown has a dog Snoopy, and a younger sister Sally. His best friend is Linus who is a year younger than him. He has a crush on the Little Red Haired Girl who he never seems to know how to go up and talk to. He's all of the insecurities of having to live life as a child rolled up into one.

Charlie Brown and his younger sister, Sally, are both of English descent.