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Chewing gum is a flavored confection for chewing made from a sweetener like sugar, Xylitol, or an artificial sweetener like Aspartame, and different polymers which are created and mixed to offer the best consistency.[1] Chewing gum was originally made from chicle, the sap of a South American tree, but most modern mass-produced chewing gum contains a purely synthetic base. Chewing gum is produced in many flavors such as bubble gum, mint, berry and citrus, which are almost always flavored artificially.

Chewing gum was banned in several countries and cities, most notably in the nanny state Singapore, where it was banned for twelve years under punishment of public humiliation, caning, or worse. That legislation was recently revised so that chewing gum may again be sold, but under high regulation. Violations carry stiff fines and possible imprisonment of 2 years.[2]