Childeric III

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Childeric III

King of the Franks
In office
Preceded by Theuderic IV
Succeeded by Pepin the Short

Born c. 714
Kingdom of Francia
Died 753-758
Saint-Omer, Kingdom of Francia
(now France)

Childeric III (c. 717 - c. 755) was the last Merovingian King of the Franks, reigning from A.D. 743 to 751. Scholars widely consider him as a highly ineffective and worthless monarch dominated by his advisors. This overeliance led to the Mayor of the Palace Pepin Martel summoning a council of nobles at Soissons which deposed Childeric and replaced him with Pepin, as King Pepin the Short. After being dethroned, he lived out the rest of his days in a monastery.