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Christian Aid is a Christian charitable organisation founded by British and Irish churches in the 1940s as Christian Reconstruction in Europe to provide aid to refugees from World War Two. Its stated purpose was "not to evangelise, but to alleviate suffering for ordinary people, no matter what their faith".[1]

Its mission has now grown to encompass fighting poverty around the world. It aims to do this by providing benefits to those living in poverty, speaking out where it perceives those living in poverty are suffering injustice, and campaigning for changes it believes are needed to fight poverty. Its current campaigns include raising awareness of global warming, publicising poverty in conflict zones such as the Palestinian Territories, promoting an approach to fighting AIDS that rejects abstinence as the most beneficial message, fighting corruption in poverty-stricken countries, and arguing for global trade agreements that will benefit poorer countries.

in 2006 it raised £93m for its causes.


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