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A civilization needs a form of government (a set of laws), a form of education, skilled workers, an agricultural surplus to feed the skilled workers, law enforcement, economy, and a currency or trading system.

Civilization has also been defined by Clyde Kluckhohn as having "three essential criteria for civilization: towns containing more than 5000 people, writing, and monumental ceremonial centers".[1]

In order to attain these prerequisites a group of humans must have climbed up the ladder of Technological Development necessary to attain them.

Three major attributes of every civilization include:

  • Urbanism - There must be cities to have civilization.
  • Politics - There must be something to bring the people together.
  • Religion - There must be a code of conduct or standard of morality to maintain civilization (see also: Atheism and its anti-civilizational effects).
  • People with common language, customs, government, and economy, earliest in Mesopotamia 2300 BC, Northeast China (the Liao civilization), Peru (Norte Chico civilization), and Egypt.


  • More people, more sedentary, more predicable
  • More & Better food, clothing, and shelter
  • Lifespan increases
  • Sophisticated religion and technology


  • Tyrannical rule
  • Conscription & War

Western civilization

Bernard Lewis wrote, "... the United States is the legitimate heir of European civilization and the recognized and unchallenged leader of the West."[2]


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