Cleopatra Stratan

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Cleopatra Stratan

Cleopatra Stratan (born 2002), Romania's latest music sensation, four years old, she is already topped the countries singles chart.

She is one of the youngest people ever to score commercial success as a singer; She sells over 130,000 copies of her 2006 album "At the age of 3". (300 euros per minute at concert)

As of 2006, Cleopatra's biggest hit is the song "Ghita".

Her father, Pavel Stratan (born 11 November 1970), is a Moldovan rock singer born in the village of Niscani, Raionul Calarasi, Moldova.

Pavel Stratan, father of Cleopatra, was in a studio recording a song and as 3 years old Cleopatra was hanging around the studio. One time she grabbed a microphone and started singing the song along Pavel. Everybody was so stunned that they ended up recording the song with Cleopatra as main vocals rather than Pavel. [1]

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