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Douglas Macgregor

U.S. Col. Doug Macgregor.[1]

United States Col. Douglas Macgregor, PhD is a former Trump administration advisor, conservative media commentator, consultant, and author.[2] He was commissioned in the Regular Army in 1976 after 1 year at Virginia Military Institute and 4 years at West Point. President Donald Trump appointed Macgregor to serve as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, a post he held until 2021. He is the former Chief of Strategic Planning and Director of the Joint Operations Center at Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe. He holds an MA in comparative politics and a PhD in international relations from the University of Virginia. Macgregor is an outspoken critic of globalist and neocon warmongering and Russophobia. He is fluent in German.[3]

CEO of Our Country Our Choice media company

See also: Our Country Our Choice LLC

Our Country Our Choice LLC (OCOC) is a newly established conservative media company headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The American conservative Douglas Macgregor is the CEO of the media company.[4]

Colonel Douglas MacGregor's influence on the Israel Defense Force

In 2019, Aviv Kochavi, Chief of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) General Staff made Colonel Douglas MacGregor's 2003 book, Transformation under Fire, required reading for all high-ranking officers. In 2020, Macgregor traveled to Israel to meet with the IDF General Staff and many of its senior officers to discuss General Kohavi's ongoing initiative to transform the IDF for future warfighting missions in the 21st century.[5]

Colonel Douglas Macgregor's meeting with Israel Defense Force Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi.

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