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Colion Noir (born November 27, 1983) is a black American conservative Christian gun enthusiast and firearms pundit on YouTube and on the National Rifle Association weekly TV show as host of the show NOIR,[1] NRA on (, NRA News Commentator, YouTuber, Blogger, Attorney and curator of #ThePewPewLife on Twitter.

In his own words, "I am an Attorney and Owner of N.O.I.R. Inc. A production company dedicated to the Modern Firearms Industry and Lifestyle. I am the Host of the show "NOIR" on [1]. I'm an NRA News Commentator, Second Amendment Advocate, Reviewer of All things Gun, an Urban (City) Gun Enthusiast and One of Many who Personify the The Pew Pew Lifestyle. Most People just Call me COLION NOIR." His YouTube channel has 349,876 subscribers and 41,626,757 views as of January 23, 2016[2]

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