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Coloradans for Life was an ostensibly pro-life group that was actually funded by liberals in order to defeat the conservative, pro-life, and pro-traditional marriage congressman Marilyn Musgrave. Only 3 people contributed far more than 90% of the money to "Coloradans for Life": Jon and Pat Stryker and Tim Gill; it spent more than 1.5 million in the 2006 election cycle, and has apparently been inactive since.[1]

In 2006, "Super-rich philanthropists Tim Gill and Pat Stryker spent a combined $6.5 million this year to push Colorado to the left. ... Stryker and Gill contributed a combined $1.2 million to Coloradans for Life, a political committee that opposed Musgrave, according to campaign finance records."[2]

As another article explained:

Despite its name and rhetoric, Coloradans for Life sought to exploit the pro-life movement rather than advance it. Although several Republicans faced challenges this year from at least nominally pro-life Democrats, Musgrave did not: Her opponent, Angie Paccione, supports abortion rights. Yet Coloradans for Life targeted Musgrave and spent enormous sums against her. In late October [2006], the Fort Collins Coloradoan estimated that the organization would devote at least $2.3 million to defeating Musgrave--more than Paccione's entire campaign budget. "It's just amazing to me," says Musgrave. "Why can't these people stand up and fight fair?"[3]

The group Coloradans for Life used shockingly deceitful tactics to try to defeat Musgrave:

In 2006 "it came as a bit of a surprise when a group calling itself Coloradans for Life launched an expensive ad war against Musgrave this fall. One radio spot even claimed that she had "turned her back on the unborn." The charge was provocative; it was also utter nonsense. "This is a cynical political ploy to trick pro-life citizens into casting a vote against their conscience," warned Colorado Right to Life president Brian Rohrbough in a statement.[3]

Musgrave managed to win reelection in 2006, but was overwhelmed and defeated in 2008. Colorado has since produced another ostensibly pro-life group with unknown funding called "Personhood USA."

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