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The Commonwealth Games is a sports tournament similar to the Olympic Games, open to nations and territories of the Commonwealth of Nations. The games - then known as the British Empire Games - were first held in 1930, at Hamilton, Canada. Between 1954 and 1966 they were known as the British Empire and Commonwealth Games, and from 1970 to 1974 as the British Commonwealth Games. In 1978, the current name was adopted.

Host cities have been (or will be):

1930: Hamilton, Canada

1934: London, England

1938: Sydney, Australia

1942: not held

1946: not held

1950: Auckland, New Zealand

1954: Vancouver, Canada

1958: Cardiff, Wales

1962: Perth, Australia

1966: Kingston, Jamaica

1970: Edinburgh, Scotland

1974: Christchurch, New Zealand

1978: Edmonton, Canada

1982: Brisbane, Australia

1986: Edinburgh, Scotland

1990: Auckland, New Zealand

1994: Victoria, Canada

1998: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2002: Manchester, England

2006: Melbourne, Australia

2010: Delhi, India

2014: Glasgow, Scotland