Comodo IceDragon

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COMODO Ice Dragon v42.0.0.25 using the default layout ("skin")
COMODO Ice Dragon v42.0.0.25 using the alternate layout ("skin")

Comodo IceDragon is a free web browser program offered by the Comodo Group, Inc. This browser is closely based on Mozilla Firefox, but has been modified somewhat to improve security.


  • Faster than many
  • Easy to use, especially if the user is already familiar with Firefox
  • Fairly light on PC resources[1]
  • User can scan web-pages for malware right from the browser[1]
  • Uses an exclusive integrated DNS service (aims to make pages load more quickly)[1]
  • Privacy and performance enhancements over Firefox core[1]
  • Compatible with Firefox plug-ins[1]
  • Portable install mode available—take IceDragon with you wherever you go!


  • Closely tied to Mozilla Firefox
    • those who boycott Mozilla may not be comfortable with this product
    • Uses the same engine as Mozilla Firefox and its forks and spin-offs. For those seeking a different option, this may not be suitable.


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