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The 90/10 rule is a rule designed to encourage productive edits to our encyclopedia articles, essays and debates (see also: Conservapedia essays and Conservapedia debates). The purpose of the 90/10 rule is to discourage unproductive editing such as belligerent editing and trolling at Conservapedia (Please see: Conservapedia:Avoid personal remarks and Conservapedia:Inappropriate/trolling behavior - Examples).

The 90/10 rule discourages users from spending 90% of their time complaining, carping, cutting people down and forming cabals at Conservapedia - and only 10% actively helping to craft good encyclopedia articles/essays and participate in Conservapedia debates. Useful editing means making worthwhile edits and includes collaborative efforts to improve articles/essays on talk pages. The rule is applied to a person's editing activitity as a whole and not smaller periods of editing. For example, if users have a history of productive editing and they are engaged in talk page editing to improve articles/essays, participate in debates or make various improvements to Conservapedia, the 90/10 rule will not be applied. The 90/10 rule is only applied to disruptive editors.

Conservapedia encourages collaboration to improve articles, essays and debates.

This rule is also designed to help productive writers so they are not unnecessarily hindered by groundless complaints, specious arguments, etcetera.

In terms of enforcement of the rule, in most cases, users will first be given a warning (unless it is believed they are belligerent editors or trolls). If that is not successful, and they still engage only in useless arguments, they may be block for a period of time. If they persist, they may be blocked for longer periods of time. Permanent blocking is reserved for editors who are not good-faith editors and merely want to harrass, waste others time, etc.

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