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A second generation atheist is one descended and raised in an atheistic environment by parents who are both atheists.

The term is used by atheists,[1] but it is not easy to find many examples of productive second generation atheists. While atheists raised in religious environments have occasionally been productive, atheists raised in atheistic environments are not known to be. Moreover it has been shown that second generation atheists who converted to Christianity early in life have been moderately successful.

As of April 29, 2008, Google retrieves less than 1000 sites referring to "second generation atheist," beginning with this one. Genuine accomplishments or even creativity are not easy to find by second generation atheists in that list. On the other hand, the following has been reported by Campus Crusade for Christ:

In a study listed in Who's Who in Who's Who, it took 5,000 Presbyterian ministers to produce one child listed in Who's Who. Among lawyers the ratio was 5,000 to 1; dentists 2,500 to 1. But for every seven Christian missionary families from the United States, one of their children would be listed in Who's Who.[2]

However, just because one is atheist doesn't mean that one won't be productive. Citing 'Who's Who' (without references) to judge the merits of one's accomplishments can be considered childish and similar to a school-age popularity contest. An article written by a biased Christian website is not proof to the claim that atheists are less productive or influential than Christians. Thus, it is important to remember that this page is purely speculation, and provides no proof that either 'side' is more popular or productive than the other.

This has to be the silliest debate topic I've seen, are you serious? How about Richard Dawkins, to name just one of the top of my head. Or how about we start comparing the number of US citizens that actually do something with their lives to the number that are Christian, would that be legitimate? --Reidbear 18:41, 14 May 2008 (EDT)