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This a proposal to improve Conservapedia or its policies and guidelines. It is not official, and does not have wide acceptance. Please regard it as tentative and formative.

AFD is an abbreviation that is used by many wiki projects. AFD itself stands for Article For Deletion. It is through this process that articles of questionable value are brought before the Administrators to review, monitor discussion, and act upon.

Write an AFD page (anyone)

On Conservapedia, AFD pages are to be placed in the Conservapedia namespace. The proper name for a deletion of Silly article is: Conservapedia:AFD Silly article.

Within this article, the following sections are to be created:
== [[Name of Article]]==
=== Decision ===
=== Background ===
=== Keep ===
=== Delete ===
=== Comments ===
[[Category:Articles for deletion]]

Make sure that the name of the article being posed is in the Name of the Article section title.

Write the reason for the nomination in the Background section.

Include in Project page. (author)

Within the Conservapedia:Articles for deletion page, include the completed AFD page at the top of the page. The reason for it to be at the top is that most people going to the page want to see the newest material at the top rather than having to scroll to the end (the oldest material).

The project page uses an include so that the entire debate can be viewed from the project page without having to follow links to the AFD pages themselves. To do this, use the {{}} instead of [[]]. Thus, {{Conservapedia:AFD Silly article}} would be at the top of the section with all of the other AFD includes.

Discuss, Debate, Discourse. (everyone)

Within the various sections, try to reach a consensus with the community. Typically, new lines of thought are started with a bullet point and the position (keep, comment, delete) and any adjectives (strong, weak) start off the thought in bold. This is to make it easier to quickly scan the debate and get a feeling for what people think.

Decide (sysops)

At some point, several sysops will decide on the AFD. The more different opinions, the more sysops should be involved with the decision.

Delete (sysop)

In the event of a decision to delete, the sysop updates the Decision section of the AFD article and deletes the article being referenced.

Keep (sysop)

In the event of a decision to keep, the sysop updates the Decision section of the AFD article.

Archive (sysop)

To keep the Conservapedia:Articles for deletion page manageable and relevant, the sysop deletes the inclusion of the AFD page and moves it to either Conservapedia:Articles for deletion/Keep or Conservapedia:Articles for deletion/Delete as appropriate. Here, past decisions are archived, though only as links to make it easier to search. The sysop making the move should also append the name and time with --~~~~ to make it clear by who and when the decision was reached.