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en This user is a native speaker of English.
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la-1 Hoc usor simplice latinitate contribuere potest.

The Babel Template is used to indicate on your userpage which languages you know and at which level. They can be used as ordinary userboxes by simply adding the language template like you would any other userbox.

You can also have a separate listing of your languages, like the one to the right, by putting in a line like this:


The different levels as they are used on Wikipedia are as follows:

  1. xx-1 for basic ability - enough to understand written material or simple questions in this language.
  2. xx-2 for intermediate ability - enough for editing or discussions.
  3. xx-3 for advanced level - though you can write in this language with no problem, some small errors might occur.
  4. xx-4 for 'near-native' level - although it's not your first language from birth, your ability is something like that of a native speaker.
  5. xx-5 for professional proficiency. Note that this template is currently only available for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and American Sign Language.
  6. xx (no hyphen or number) for native speakers who use a language every day and have a thorough grasp of it, including colloquialisms and idioms.

At the moment, Conservapedia only has a few templates available, but more will be added over time.